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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Hi MySpace!1!!! Welcome 2 my bl0g!!

Omg you guys i have my own blog now how FUN !!! 

    I'm PG - the biggest music fan on the world wide web - and I'll be updating you on all the c00l things happening in the music world right here on this BLOG. Can't believe I have my own blog now! :']

    Today is like a super cool day - i heard rumors that there would be new music from some of my fav bands coming out soon but did not expect it to be T O M O R R O W. So there's this really cool way to hear what I'm talking about, like a lil sample or something. If you go to this cool link below there's an away message with some super emo lyrics and some super sad sounding music that's a preview for more. Even says there's a full song coming on Friday?? Consider me h y p e d.

                                                     ~~~ found.ee/pga_unlock ~~~

    Listen to this clip and let me know how *amazing* you think it is ok?? Then head back to my very own ~blog~ tomorrow 6/28/19 for even more tunez.